Jr. Applications Developer

New York, NY, United States


Jr. Applications Developer (NYC)


What you’ll do:


It’s your mission to write that code that makes our customers jobs easier and solve their problems for them.  Even though you’re more junior today, we want to make sure that’s not the case for long and we’ll put you through your paces quickly.  Expect to start working on bugfixes first.  Once you’re comfortable, though, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to build your own applications on top of our platform.


Who you are:


You’re someone that’s seen at least one other production codebase and wants to contribute from day one.  You’re not yet an expert in any one language, but you’re getting there.   You’ve had experience developing software that actually goes to market, not just one-off apps.  You should be pretty comfortable with experimenting. You love the fact that you have one of the most amazing skillsets in the world - writing code that bends to your will.  


If you think that everything is an opinion, theres no permanent decisions except no decision, and completely detest company-wide reply-all emails, then you’re going to be a great fit.


Need to have:

  • Industry experience in at least one development shops

  • Projects that you can show off and be proud of (personal or work-related)

  • Building up your hacking ability in one or more languages (we currently use python, node.js, ruby, and R)

  • Endless desire to make the world a better place to work

  • You think first about how user interact with a system and then about the technologies to solve that case

  • Happy working on the edge of your comfort zone, finding the right tool for the job

  • Comfortability in a constantly evolving ecosystem


Nice to have:

  • Experience with social media or advertising technology

  • Experience guiding teams to success

  • Open-source contributions or desire to create tools that the community can gain benefit from